Hi, I'm Vivian!

I want to help you de-clutter, reorganize, and feel good about your home again. Life gets so busy and sometimes we need a helping hand to get back on track.

As a mom of two adorable mess-makers and time bandits, I totally get it. One moment you've got your life together, and the next there is stuff everywhere, you have no time to deal with all the kids gear, your closets and drawers are out of control, and you are overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out where to start. Sounds familiar? You are not alone, and I am here to help you pare down, reorganize, and create the storage solutions you need.  

Being Dutch, I mastered the art of efficient living a long time ago. In a postage stamp-sized country with 17 million people, our homes are small and efficiency is key. The Dutch Touch brings that efficiency and organization to your Sammamish home, and helps you de-clutter and reorganize your possessions and your life. A clutter-free home means less stress, less anxiety, and less time getting prepared for the day— and that benefits everyone.

I'd love to bring my Dutch Touch to your home. Because getting organized can be a challenge. But staying organized doesn't have to be.