I am so thankful for Vivian’s help! Living in a small house with two small children, I was starting to feel overwhelmed with accumulated things and disorganization. I had a list of areas I wanted to tackle, and once we had an overall picture of what I wanted to accomplish, she came up with a process and a plan, and we systematically went through all my problem areas in manageable time increments. First was the purging, and then the organizing. She was kind and considerate, and I had a great time doing something I dread and resist doing on my own. Although it can feel a bit like airing your dirty laundry, I never felt judged and she made things as painless as possible, while challenging me to really consider what I needed to keep and why.

Once we figured out what I wanted to keep, she was amazing about sharing her knowledge about how to organize it. She mostly worked with what I already had, so instead of going out and having to buy more stuff to organize, she repurposed things. I was also re-decorating my girls’ room and the living room, and Vivian had great suggestions on products and furniture to consider.

I would absolutely recommend working with Vivian at The Dutch Touch! It was the best investment I made all year, and the results from our work together have been long lasting and her solutions sustainable.
— Morgan
I loved working with Vivian, of The Dutch Touch. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my husband and one year old child. I had been thinking about hiring an organizer for a few years, but always had an excuse not to. Instead, I would try to organize it all myself and then be upset when my new “organization systems” seemed to not be working. I’m glad I waited as long as I did because I would’ve missed the opportunity to work with Vivian. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from a Professional Organizer. I thought she would come in and organize all of my things in pretty, neat, labeled boxes and bins. I believe that there are organizers who work like this, but Vivian has a different approach. She believes in minimizing first, instead of just organizing clutter. So we pared everything down, and then neatly organized what was left. I could not believe how much stuff we got rid of, but my home does not feel empty. Instead it holds the things that we need and/or love the most. We do not miss anything that we’ve gotten rid of. I never felt judged by Vivian, I knew that she was there to help me. I absolutely love my house now. It’s much more functional than it ever was. We can use our space in ways we hadn’t really considered because, in the past, it was just full of stuff. Who knew our den could be an actual playroom and not a place to store suitcases and boxes of baby clothes? Cleaning my kitchen is a breeze now. I mean, let’s be real, I hate cleaning my kitchen, but the fact that we have no more unneeded stuff in it makes it so much quicker to clean, and THAT is something I truly appreciate! Vivian’s services are worth every single dime I’ve spent. I would highly recommend her!
— Stephanie
I’m so happy that I hired The Dutch Touch! Vivian is kind, creative, and was able to see the big picture through my project. She really has an eye for order and design. We systematically went through each room in my house and reorganized and ordered our things. The spaces now flow really well and feel much lighter. My whole family is enjoying our new-found space and even little touches like choosing the right hangers and coordinating bins make our home feel much more put together.
— Valerie (busy mom, wife, and professional)
I recall it was a Thursday (maybe a Wednesday) and I was in my kitchen looking at my cupboards, my countertops, and peering further into my living room, and thought out loud, what am I going to do? My 5 yr old son’s birthday is coming up this Saturday and my house is a disaster! I contemplated who could help me with this insane deadline of getting my kitchen and living room in order before our son’s birthday party in 3 days! I made an executive decision to reach out to a recommendation (Vivian) I had previously heard about through a parent network.

Vivian jumped in head-first and her positive comments and go-getter personality boosted my confidence believing we would be able to accomplish this goal together.

Our first day of reorganization she amazed me! Her skills on how she was able to look at our kitchen and offer these excellent ideas of how to reorganize glassware in cupboards, ideas of what would help organize the kids breakfast items, the kids snacks, all in a logical, efficient manner. I appreciated the way Vivian communicated her opinions and ideas in a polite and open manner. She empowered me to make those tough decisions on “letting go” of items we weren’t using.

Vivian and I accomplished my goal before my son’s birthday celebration. I was ecstatic and decided to have her continue throughout our home and was tremendously happy with her work. For instance, we went through my closest and had 8 full garbage bags of clothes to donate. I now have come to an understanding that I will have to ‘let go’ of an item in my closest before I bring something new home.

Vivian encouraged me to read articles about minimalism and provided insight on decluttering. She also gave me ‘homework’ to do at night or on the weekends, to help speed along the process in between sessions. Furthermore, Vivian did a wonderful job of organizing our kids playroom, a task that I didn’t believe was attainable!

I highly recommend Vivian! She has changed the way I look at and value things in my life and home for the better.
— Teena